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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Travel Diary : Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a popular hill station. It has pleasant walks and good lookouts valleys, and the area has interesting historical connections with Shivaji. This hill station was founded in 1828 by Sir John Malcolm.

Mahabaleshwar war closes for the monsoon season from Jun to September - an unbelievable six meters around 235 inches of rain falls during this monsoon time. The Veena Lake, about four km from Mahabaleshawr, has boating and fishing facilities. In the village of Old Mahabaleshwar there are three old temples, The Krishnabai or Panchganga Temple is said to contain the springs of the Krishna, Venna and Koyana rivers.

The Local specialists - strawberry and raspberry jam - are good to taste. Elphinstone, Babington, Bombay and Kate's point all offer fine view from this wooded plateau to the plains bellow. Arther's seat km from Mahabaleshwar, looks out a sheer drop of 600 meters to the Konkan coastal strip.

Getting there and Away

Mahabaleshwar is 117 km south-west of Pune via Panchgani. The closest railway station is Satara Road. about 5 km noth-east of the town of Satara. There are daily buses to Kolhapur (Rs. 75 five hours), Satara(Rs. 50, two hours), Pune (Rs. 60, 3 hours) from Mumbai (Rs. 500 seven hours).

Around Mahabaleshwar


Panchgani (Five Hills) is 19 km east of Mahabelshwar and at 1334 meters is just 38 meters lower. It's is also a pupular hill station. splendidly located, but overshadowed by its neighbour. On the way up to Panchgani from Pune you pass through Wai. a site feartured in the Mahabharata.

Pratapgarh and Raigad Forts

Built in 1656, Pratapgarh Fort is about 24 km west to Mahabaleshwar and is connected with one of the more notable feats in Shivaji Maharaj's dramatic life. Raigad Fort, 80 km north-west of Mahabaleshwar, was the Maratha capital for six years before Shivaji Maharaj's death.

Photos of Mahabaleshwar

Click here to view my Mahabaleshwar Photo Album

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

XDb - XML Base Proprietary Database

Project Synposis by : Mr. Atanu Maity, Email :

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a general-purpose specification for creating custom markup languages. It is classified as an extensible language, because it allows the user to define the mark-up elements. XML's purpose is to aid information systems in sharing structured data.

Proposed XML based proprietary database - XDb will be developed for Image based application. It will be file system based database system. It uses XML to store table definition and storing data. XML has inbuilt DTD data type definition features to validate the input data. Proposed System will use XQuery to query the stored data from XML file. Images will be stored in file system. File name or file pointer will be used to retrieve the image file from the file system.

System.XML, System.XML.XPath and System.XML.Schema namespace will be used to manipulate XML node, element, attribute and value in a XML file within .Net application.


  1. It is completely Proprietary database.
  2. Data will be stored in XML file which is easy to manipulate in ADO.Net
  3. Image will be stored in file system which will give better access speed.
  4. Multiple images can be stored in single file and system can read individual image from one file.
  5. Individual image can be stored in single image folder and can read from that folder.
  6. Data and Image can be encrypted by any industry standard encryption algorithm like DES, AES, 3 DES.
  7. System will query the by using XQuery.
  8. Complete manage code written in .NET 2.0.
  9. Easy to integrate in .NET application.

Project Scope

1. Database Designing

Database details will be stored in XML file, like image folder or image storing file name, location.

2. Table Designing

Table definition will be stored in XML schema file having .xsd extension. With standard XML data type and precision, A "Valid" XML document is a "Well Formed" XML document, which also conforms to the rules of a XML file.


xml version="1.0"?>

<xs:schema xmlns:xs="">

<xs:element name="veh_data">



<xs:element name="vd_id" type="xs:integer" use="required" />

<xs:element name="vd_loan" type="xs:string" use="required" length="16" />

<xs:element name="vd_loc" type="xs:string" use="required" />

<xs:element name="vd_date" type="xs:date" use="required" />

<xs:element name="vd_img_name" type="xs:string" use="required" />

<xs:element name="vd_img_type" type="xs:string" use="required" />





3. Storing of Data

Data will be stored in xml file, data integrity and constraint will be maintain by XML schema file


xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<include xmlns="veh_data.xsd" />










. . .

. . .



. . .

. . .



. . .

. . .



. . .

. . .


4. Storing of Data

4.1 Store multiple images in a single imagebase file

While write single file in imagebase file it stores file information in imagebase header like file name, file type, byte start position, byte length. While read single file from imagebase it reads file information from header and read the bytes from imagebase by reading byte position and byte length. While write and read data in imagebase it can be used and standard byte encryption algorithm like DES, 3DES, RC4, PGP, AES. This will maintain data integrity and data security.

4.2 Store images in folder

Image will be stored in folder and file name will be stored in database table. It will give best performance however it reduces data integrity. While storing the file in folder we can apply standard encryption algorithm like DES, 3DES, RC4, PGP, AES.

Query the Data

XDb will use XQuery to query the data from XML file. XQuery is the language for querying XML data. XQuery is a language for finding and extracting elements and attributes from XML documents. XQuery provides the means to extract and manipulate data from XML documents.

XQuery uses XPath expression syntax to address specific parts of an XML document. It supplements this with a SQL-like "FLWOR expression" for performing joins. A FLWOR expression is constructed from the five clauses after which it is named: FOR, LET, WHERE, ORDER BY, RETURN. The language is based on a tree-structured model of the information content of an XML document, containing seven kinds of node: document nodes, elements, attributes, text nodes, comments, processing instructions, and namespaces.

Out of Scope

Following are the out of scope for current version of XDb 1.0, will be work upon on next version.

  1. Data Compression
  2. Store image file in different drive for single file concept.
  3. DB Interface for creating, altering and managing data base.

Database Architechture

Following diagram will explain the different file in the XDb database and their purpose.

Monday, October 19, 2009

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Project # 1 eBilling and Invoice System
Computerization of Billing and Invoice system, Download project documentation, project source code, project executable files.

Type :
Desktop / Client Server
Technology :
Visual Basic, MS ACCESS
Credit : Mr. Atanu Maity

Project # 2 IMPRO (Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer)
This project is developed for Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer for managing Employees, branches, planning, controlling and executing HR policies, HR Automation software and Reports.

Type :
Desktop / Client Server
Technology :
VB.NET, SQL Server
Credit : Mr. Joydeep Dass

Project # 3 Online Registration (Online Student Registration System)
Online Registration System is an web based application for on line submission of application forms, On-line Quizzes for the first semester courses, online results will display after completing the test. Inbuilt login security system for Authentication.

Type :
Web Application
Technology :
ASP (Active Server Page), Java Script, MS Access
Credit :

Project # 4 WCPS (Web Based Claims Processing System)
Web Based Claims Processing System (WCPS) which is web based so that the employee can fill the form online and submit it so that the form is sent to Claim Processing Department (CPD) through Internet. At CPD, the form needs to be checked automatically by a program which will compute the amount that needs to be reimbursed to the employee for the treatment undertaken.

Type :
Web Application
Technology :
ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server
Credit :

Project # 5 eProperty (Estate Agent / Property Management System)
eProperty – is an Estate Agent and Property Management System is a user friendly contact and property manager for real estate professionals. Save time and sell more by empowering to easily keep track of leads, manage listings, and market to new prospects.

Type :
Desktop / Client Server
Technology :
VB6, SQL Server, Crystal Report
Credit :